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Our Dental Solutions

With the complexity and challenges in the world of eligibility and benefit verification and payments, dental offices nationwide face higher-costs, missed revenues, a less productive work environment and have an opportunity for improved customer service.

Skynet Payments Health Solutions partners with Practice Management System companies or works as a stand-alone solution to solve this problem with Turnkey Treatment Planning™, an advanced Eligibility and Benefit Verification System and flexible payment solutions. This system is the only solution in the market that provides a truly unified, complete view of all patient benefits, regardless of the payer.  Along with better, secure payment solutions, the result means improved customer service for patients, increased revenues, lowers costs and greater productivity.

Challenges Dental Offices Face

Dental offices battle thousands of different benefit contracts per insurer, an incomplete and inconsistent view of patients’ benefits, labor intensive retrieval methods and delays in treatment cost information to the patient. There is no ability to accept a partial payment and set up automated payments for a period of time. This results in the likelihood of progressing a new patient from start to finish is as low as 13.5 percent.


  • Incomplete Patient Benefit Data
  • No single view of patient benefits, results in disorganization
  • Labor intensive – calling insurance companies for every patient visit
  • Inactive coverage and eligibility issues, resulting in claim rejections
  • Inability to view patient data from multiple office locations
  • No electronic storage
  • PHI concerns – paper everywhere
  • No ability to determine out-of-pocket responsibility while the patient is still in the office to accept the full payment or portion of payment along with scheduled automated future payments

We Can Solve it!

The greatest impediment to improving patient care outcomes is the unavailability of information. With our system, dental offices have a complete view of patient benefits – appointments are kept, treatment plans are accepted, and patients receive out-of-pocket cost information in advance.  Offices have the ability to accept a full payment or set up scheduled, automated payments. When fully integrated to the PM system, they eliminate double entry and have visibility of payment data from the PM system.


  • Simplified, unified view of patient benefits
  • Prevent claim rejections due to inactive/eligibility Issues
  • Ability to receive ALL or some of verification details
  • Finalize accurate treatment plans while the patient is still in the office
  • Transaction storage to save benefit data for future visits – & no more paper
  • Provides multiple access points, allowing admin access for CBO and satellite office users
  • Multiple output options via PDF and text
  • Accept pay-in-full or automated payments over time
  • With full integration, double-entry is eliminated and PM systems have visibility of payment data

Improving Customer Service. Reducing Costs. Increasing Revenue.